Great things are brought about and burdens are lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.

Elder M. Russel Ballard


“In an effort to continue giving back to the community, we have created #PieceOfThePie
to recognize Putnam and Killingly high school students that give back with community service by awarding them with a Broken Crust Scholarship for College”

A little about
Operation Broken Crust

Our quaint little restaurant and dream in the making opened up just a couple of weeks prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. Business was booming and suddenly all restaurant dining rooms had to be closed to the public.

In an effort to thrive while also assisting others, the Cozza and Martin families brainstormed day and night to figure out how they could keep their newly-hired staff employed, keep their dream alive, and help the community out during such a trying time. 

From day one, there was always a plan in place to donate to the community with the “Sharing Is Caring Menu”. When you purchase any item from this section of the menu, a portion of the proceeds go directly to our community-based initiatives. And so, the owners knew that #operationbrokencrust was needed and instantly implemented in April 2020. 

“It is our way of helping others in need.”

Since then, Operation Broken Crust has raised over $20 thousand dollars and counting. When our wonderful and generous customers heard what we were doing, they began pitching in by giving monetary donations. All of that (100%) has been donated to the hospital, fire, and police stations, EMTs, the post office, local radio station, food boxes to the local food pantry for Thanksgiving and Christmas, hot chocolate to the local park while the kids are sledding, and even hot dogs, ice cream, candy, and drinks to the Putnam Little League. 

Operation Broken Crust continues to grow and give to those in need. The owners are proud to be involved in such a wonderful community and will remain committed to many worthy causes year after year. 


Currently accepting applications for Killingly and Putnam students, deadline April 30th – talk to your guidance counselor for more details.

Beautification Day

Promoting and Keeping The Community Clean!


Our passion is to help families in need. 

Our Employees Are Committed to Community Service

We have amazing employees who commit to showing up when and where needed!

Always on The Lookout for Those in Need

Children sledding in the cold are in need too, for free hot chocolate that is! And we delivered.


Hundreds of meals donated.

Sharing is Caring

We are always accepting donations. A portion of the proceeds go to community-based initiatives.